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Best Overall

Cuisinart Lasagna Pan with Stainless Roasting Rack


Best Premium

Chicago Metallic Professional Lasagna Trio Bread Loaf Pan


Best Budget

Le Creuset Signature Enamelled Cast Iron Dish - Best Cast Iron Lasagna Pan


Ask any restaurant chef, superb home cook, or weekday cooking warrior what it takes to make the best lasagna. They’ll all agree—it’s all about the pan.

To make the cheesiest, meltiest, crispiest lasagna anyone has ever eaten, you need the right pan. This list of quality lasagna pans is sure to satisfy even your pickiest eaters.

That’s why we’ve researched the best lasagna pans on the market. Our buyer’s guide will help you feed your army of ravenous lasagna fans.

Simply pick your favorite, add it to the cart, and daydream of your family’s delightful sounds as they dig in.

Best Lasagna Pan


Best Overall: Cuisinart Lasagna Pan with Stainless Roasting Rack

  • Dimensions: 10.5 x 3 x 13in
  • Weight: 4.69lb

This mirror-polished stainless steel lasagna pan is built with the professional chef in mind but priced for the everyday cook. Specially designed to meet the conditions of a multi-layered lasagna, it has riveted comfort grip. These stainless steel handles make it easy to take in and out of the oven or transport it to your dining room table.  Versatile to fit in all ovens and produce the best lasagna, casserole, or au gratin potatoes you’ve ever tasted. This pan is designed to be an everyday pan. Cleaning will no longer be a chore with this dishwasher safe pan. Trusted since 1973, Cuisinart has been a name brand in your kitchen for decades. The Cuisinart Lasagna pan is built to live up to the brand name and raise your lasagna game. With a roasting rack added to this already versatile pan, you can up your roasting game.

Things we like

  • Sleek Looking Design – The elegant mirror-polished stainless steel design makes it an excellent pan for serving. With its riveted handles, transporting it to your family will be easy.
  • Trusted Brand – Cuisinart has been a staple in homes since 1973. They offer a limited lifetime guarantee for any manufacturer defects. This makes you feel safe with your purchase.
  • The Price – Coming in under $50 and offering superior quality isn’t easy, but Cuisinart has found a way to offer value at a low price point. With the added roasting rack, this makes this pan an easy buy for your kitchen.

Things we don’t like

  • Heat Resistance – Consider using this pan for low-heat cooking. Customers complained about the pan warping after roasting meat at temperatures just under 400°.
  • Inconsistent – Sizing seems to be inconsistent, and doesn’t match dimensions described.


Best Premium: Chicago Metallic Professional Lasagna Trio Bread Loaf Pan

  • Dimensions: 13 x 9 x 1-1/2-in; each loaf measures 3-1/2 x 1-1/2-in
  • Weight: 1lb

You can make up to three different lasagnas at the same time with this pan! This is an excellent pan for families who have family members with allergies, like gluten sensitivity. Now you can cook for all parts of your family at one time. 

It’s versatile enough for baking bread loaves or lasagna. This pan could roast vegetables or cook three different sides for holiday cooking. 

Made from heavy-duty carbon steel with non-stick elements, this pan can withstand high temperatures (up to 450° F) and cleans easily. While this pan is dishwasher safe, hand-wash is recommended. 

Chicago Metallic has been trusted by professionals for over a century. Bakers have relied on its durable design and professional-grade quality.

Things we like

  • Unique Design– No doubt, the ability to cook three separate dishes makes this pan a game-changer. It offers definite advantages for vegetarians who may cook multiple veggie dishes and families who have an allergy.
  • Trusted Brand – Trusted by professional bakers for over a century makes this Chicago Metallic lasagna pan a definite plus. It also offers versatility to know that it can cook lasagnas and baked goods with superior quality.
  • The Price – A roasting and baking powerhouse with the versatility to cook three things at once, all for under $15! That’s an excellent price for a professional-grade pan.

Things we don’t like

  • Tapered Bottom – It appears this pan is a bit too small at the bottom for some lasagna noodles. Some customers stated that the individual pans didn’t fit a full lasagna noodle, making edges dry.
  • Durability – There appears that the non-stick coating flakes off after a period of time.

Best Budget: Le Creuset Signature Enamelled Cast Iron Dish - Best Cast Iron Lasagna Pan

  • Dimensions: 40 x 26 x 7.6cm
  • Weight: 4.34kg

This enameled cast iron cookware is stylish enough to sit alongside your newest pots while cooking like the old cast iron pans. Versatile enough to roast chicken, cook lasagna, and bake brownies. This pan does it all.

The cast iron material bakes evenly without hot spots and offers heat retention. This pot is oven safe for cooking at any temperature. It provides all the benefits of a cast iron pan without any of the hassles. Dishwasher safe, it cleans in a snap. 

Thanks to its durable enamel with easy-release and stain-resistant properties, there is no need to season your pan between uses. The pan also has easy-to-use handles for safe serving. 

Trusted since 1925, the Le Creuset Cast Iron Rectangular Roasting Dish is a popular choice for big families. It makes one-pot meals a snap. With its sturdy design, it’s safe to use in the oven, the grill, and all hob types, even induction. It comes with a lifetime warranty.

Things we like

  • Professional Quality – It has a lifetime guarantee. It has a cast iron and enamel design, and its ability to withstand any heat, this pan meets a professional chef’s needs or a home cooking guru.
  • Versatile Design – With its cast iron construction, it cooks quickly in the stove, on the grill, and in any hob. Its dimensions and design make it the perfect choice for cooking, baking, or roasting, adding to its versatility.
  • Ease of Use – This pan comes with handles making it easy to transfer. It’s also dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean. Its design allows for heat retention keeping items warm while serving.

Things we don’t like

  • The Price – At over $120, this is the most expensive pan on the list (there has to be one). While we’re sure you could find a cheaper pan on this list, this seems to be a good value.
  • Weight – The cast iron construction makes this pan heavy.


Cuisinart Cast Iron Roasting/Lasagna Pan

  • Dimensions: 18.25 x 10.5 x 3.75in
  • Weight: 3.3lb

This cast iron pan with porcelain interior and exterior makes for a great cooking experience. The cast iron material distributes evenly. The porcelain finishes make this product look good on the table and easy to clean. 

Cuisinart’s professional-grade quality and a lifetime limited warranty is a brand you can trust. It is versatile enough to use on your stovetop, oven. You can use it in a broiler. This pan can withstand high temperatures without sacrificing quality.

This pan is excellent for roasting, baking, or cooking. This pan is versatile enough to become a staple in your kitchen. It’s elegant design features make it double as a great serving piece as well. The easy-grip handles make it easy to transport your food right to the table.

Things we like

  • Unique Construction – it offers the functionality of a cast-iron pan with the elegance of porcelain. This pan is heavy-duty in the oven and pretty on the table. Many companies go with one construction design. Cuisinart found a way to use two valuable materials to make a unique product.
  • Ease of Use – With its porcelain construction, this pan is easy to clean and is dishwasher safe. You can move the pan from stovetop to oven to broiler without issue or loss of quality. The easy-grip handles add another easy to use feature.
  • Functional and Stylish – Cuisinart has created a product that is both functional and stylish. Its functional cast iron construction makes it tough. It’s elegant porcelain finishes make it pretty on the table. It’s a win-win.

Things we don’t like

  • The Price – At over $120, this is the most expensive pan on the list (there has to be one). While we’re sure you could find a cheaper pan on this list, this seems to be a good value.
  • Weight – The cast iron construction makes this pan heavy.


Modern Classics Large Rectangular Baker

  • Dimensions: 13x 9 x 2.95in
  • Weight: 5.51lb

This pan is manufactured in France. It’s deep enough for four to six layers of lasagna. The Emile Henry rectangular baker is a pan designed explicitly for lasagna makers in mind. It comes with a 10-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects.

The ceramic design handles quick temperature changes. It is heat resistant up to 520° and can go from the oven to the freezer without issue. With its ceramic construction, it is easy to clean, microwave safe, and dishwasher safe. 

Trusted since 1850, Emile Henry is known for using high-fired Burgundy clay to make their ceramic pans. Its scratch-resistant glaze creates a durable design used in the stove, broiler, or microwave.

Things we like

  • Heat Resistant – Can withstand temperatures up to 520° and go from the fridge to the oven to the table.
  • Designed for Lasagna – the construction, design, and depth make this the perfect lasagna pan.
  • Trusted Brand – Having brand trust since 1850 is no small feat. We love a company that has an excellent reputation spanning back over a century.

Things we dont’t like

  • Shipping Concerns – This ceramic dish has had several issues with items breaking during shipping. We hope the company is working to make this issue disappear, as it seems to be the number one complaint.  
  • Weight – Its Burgundy clay composition appears to make the pan heavy for some customers.


Chef's Classic Nonstick Hard-Anodized 14-Inch Lasagna Pan

  • Dimensions: 2.50 x 17.50 x 10.00in
  • Weight: 1lb

It has hard-anodized construction and a quantanium nonstick cooking surface. With riveted handles, this pan’s made for the lasagna love in mind. At 14 inches, it fits all standard ovens and is deep enough for several layers of lasagna.

Versatile, this pan can also work in the oven to create perfect au gratin potatoes and casseroles. Professional grade, and designed with stainless steel comfort-grip handles, this pan can go from oven to table easily. 

Cuisinart is a trusted brand with a lifetime limited warranty for their pans, so you know you can buy with confidence.

Things we like

  • Designed for Lasagna – We love that this pan is specifically designed for lasagna lovers in mind. Large enough to feed a big family, and deep enough for several layers of lasagna.
  • Easy to Transport –  It has lightweight aluminum construction. It offers riveted stainless steel comfort grip handles. This pan is easy to transport from the oven to the counter to the serving table.
  • Durable – Able to withstand heat up to 500°, this professional-grade pan is durable enough for the home chef.

Things we dont’t like

  • Not Induction Compatible – With its aluminum construction, this pan is not compatible with induction ovens.
  • Scratch Resistant  – The pan is susceptible to scratching, so use gentle tools to remove the pan’s food.


Rectangular Baking Dish Roasting Lasagna Pan

  • Dimensions: 13 x 9 x 2.50in
  • Weight: 4lb

Made of fine-quality porcelain, this pan is excellent for roasting vegetables, meats, and making quiche. Its porcelain construction offers heat distribution and heat retention. The pan’s depth makes it an excellent pan for creating layered dishes like lasagna, baked ziti, and mac and cheese. 

The white porcelain makes this a beautiful serving dish. Pretty, yet versatile, this pan can withstand heat up to 500° and be just as safe when storing leftovers in the fridge. Its ability to cook food in the oven, broiler, and microwave adds to its versatility. Dishwasher safe, this pan cleans quickly, making for an all-around smooth cooking experience. 

A trusted brand since 1957, you can feel safe in your purchase.

Things we like

  • Versatility – The ability to go from oven to table or even oven to freezer makes this pan a versatile pan in the kitchen. Its ability to cook in the microwave is also handy. The fact that its dishwasher safe is also an added benefit.
  • Durable – The porcelain construction makes it durable in high heat and low temperatures. It can withstand quick temperature changes.
  • Depth – The pan’s depth makes it the perfect pan for lasagna, ziti, and mac and cheese. It’s also an excellent option for roasting side dishes and meats.

Things we dont’t like

  • No-Handles – This is the only lasagna pan on the list to not come with handles. A beautiful dish should be able to transport to the table easily.
  • Warranty – There seems to be no mention of a warranty. With all of the products on this list providing 10 years to limited lifetime warranties, this is a definite strike.

Buying Guide

What Makes a Good Lasagna Pan? 

When it comes to using any pan in your kitchen, it boils down to three things: 

  • Is it durable enough to withstand high temperatures and everyday use? 
  • Does it cook evenly and have excellent heat retention for serving? 
  • Will it transfer to the table easily and look good? 

Nail these three things, and you have an excellent pan for your kitchen. However, when it comes to a lasagna pan, there are some other factors to consider:  

  • Like, is the pan deep enough to hold multiple layers? 
  • Is it long enough and wide enough to lay lasagna noodles flat in the pan without issue? 
  • Does it serve easily without threats of scratching, peeling, etc.? 
  • Is it easy to care for when it comes to washing, storing as a leftover, and serving?

These factors matter greatly when it comes to choosing an excellent lasagna pan. Lasagna is a messy, cheesy, gooey dish. You need a pan that cleans easily. It’s also a layered dish, so you need a dish deep enough to hold everything even when it’s bubbling in your oven. 

Without the ability to lay lasagna noodles flat in your pan, you can’t make great lasagna, so the right dimensions are essential. Lasagna is a dish known for going from the oven to the table, so having a pan that looks good as a serving dish is vitally important to the whole experience. The ability to transfer well to your refrigerator is also a valuable option.  


Which Size is Best for Lasagna?

According to our research, the best size pan for lasagna measures 13 x 9 x 2 ½ to 3 inches. This is because most lasagna noodles measure about 10 inches long. Lasagna is a layered dish, so you want a deeper pan. 

Depth is important. You want a pan that can handle multiple layers of lasagna noodles, sauce, and other ingredients. This makes for a better stack, which makes your lasagna look good on the plate. 

Glass or Metal: Which is Better?

In our over 20 articles of research, we realized a commonality in the great debate over glass vs. metal. It all boils down to the properties of the pan and how they react in different situations. 

When to Use Glass Pans

Glass is not a great conductor of heat. Therefore, it takes longer to get hot. Once the glass becomes hot, it stays hot. This means it has excellent heat retention, which can be important when serving food that may remain out on a table for a while. 

Because of its poor heat conduction, it’s best for casseroles and braised dishes to be served directly to the table. However, for all the reasons, glass is good bakeware for casseroles and braised dishes, so it’s bad for other types of cooking. 

It’s not good to use glassware when you need to brown a dish due to its poor heat conduction. Broiling is also not recommended. This is because glass can shatter under high heat. Last, if you’re moving from oven to stovetop, it is not recommended to use glassware, for the same reasons as broiling. The pan may shatter. 

When to Use Metal Pans

Metal is a great conductor of heat. Therefore, it heats up quickly. It also loses its heat quickly, so it doesn’t have excellent heat retention. Metal also has a disadvantage of having hot spots, and not heating evenly. Metal pans are great for quick roasting foods and browning. It will give you that crispy, crunchy layer you’re looking for when you bite. 

Metal doesn’t do well with acidic food like fruit. It can react in the pan and make the dish taste metallic. Therefore, it’s better to opt-out of metal pans when cooking acidic food. Also, because metal pans don’t have excellent heat retention, they aren’t an excellent pan for meals that you plan to cook and leave out before serving. 

So, Which Is Better for Lasagna?

Glassware and ceramic pans are the better choices for lasagna over traditional metal pans. Glassware has better heat retention. Glassware doesn’t make acidic food taste metallic. 


When it comes to price, you want a pan that has excellent value for the price. We would aim for about $50 for a great ceramic pan that is durable and meant to last. 


Almost every pan on our list came with a 10-year limited warranty or a lifetime limited warranty. Our advice is to go with a pan with either of these warranties and skip the ones that don’t offer a warranty. 

Wrapping It Up

When it comes to lasagna pans, you want a pan that will cook well, serve well, and look good on the table. It’s best to stick with a pan on the glass or ceramic spectrum over metal. Having a deep enough dish for quality layering is crucial, so be sure to aim for the 2 ½ to 3-inch range. 

Lasagna is a great one-pot meal for large families and parties. Get the pan right, and you’ve won half the battle. We hope this buyer’s guide has given you some good advice for your next lasagna pan purchase. Now pick the one that works best for you and add it to the cart. 

For more information on how to improve your kitchen, be sure to check out our blog regularly. We are always posting helpful tips.

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